No Sales Target, No Quota! 
Registration Fees of ONLY RM 30 per lifetime !

Handling Fees? Minimum quota? We do not have such requirements. As long as you have a passion for bringing beauty solutions to your customers!


Your Name, Our Package
Want your name to be on the consignment note/courier slip when we send the parcels to your customers? No problem! Our customized courier slips has your name on the slips!*


No Stock Keeping
Best of all, no stock keeping is required. Make an order and we will handle the rest. 


Registration Fee
Please bank in RM 30 to MAYBANK 564052510648 ENNAI MAKEUP & email your full name, IC, address and phone number to [email protected] 

Later  register / log in to view agent's price lisiting for our products within 24 hours.